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What's special about Photo Spheres?

Photo Spheres have great potential for education

Obviously, nothing can beat an actual visit to a site, but where this is not possible, the ability to ‘look around‘ an archaeological site as a photo sphere gives a much greater understanding of the site than an ordinary photograph.

Moreover, there is the possibility to use photo spheres with Google Cardboard to create an affordable virtual reality version of the site.
(please see this note on Google Cardboard)

The Problem

The main problem is that many of the photo spheres currently on Google Maps are not really good enough for archaeological use.

Many of them, although taken at interesting sites, are of the normal ‘holiday photos’ type. Indeed, some of the photo spheres currently included on this site are not of sufficiently good quality and it is hoped that they can be replaced very soon.

Another problem is with the photo spheres taken as part of the Google Street View programme. These are of excellent quality, but in many cases they stop at the site boundary: for example: Sutton Hoo and the Borre mounds. These could be much improved with photo spheres taken from an appropriate location to show the site correctly.

Hence this site

A project like this is ideal for crowdsourcing. If you have a smart phone, or use some other type of camera, please consider taking dedicated photo spheres of archaeological sites and publish them on Google Maps.

Send me the details using this form, and I will post a link on this site.