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Additional Notes about this Site

Just a few notes about the aims and limitations of this website

This site is limited to the archaeology of Europe. This is partly because my expertise in archaeology is limited to Europe, and partly to keep what I hope will be a growing website within manageable limits. If you want a website for other areas, consider creating it yourself – I’ll publish a link to it.

Archaeological Periods: I have lumped the whole of prehistory together, although I have created special ‘Anglo-Saxon’ and ‘Viking’ periods which reflect the main content of my teaching. All sites within the ‘Anglo-Saxon’ and ‘Viking’ categories are also included within the ‘Early Medieval’ period, so you can find sites from the whole period there.

There is a bias towards Early Medieval sites, especially Anglo-Saxon and Viking sites. As stated above, this reflects the bulk of my teaching. If you want to correct this bias, please find, or create photo spheres for other periods. Send the details to me and I will publish them here.